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Traditional and Modern Cabinetry Designs in Terrace

Whether you’re planning to go for modern kitchen cabinets or traditional bathroom cabinetry designs, HomeShowCase in Terrace can help you. You’ll find us at every step of the way to create your dream cabinets. We want the cabinets you purchase from us to be sturdy and durable. That’s why we stock products from top brands such as Merit-Kitchens and Lectus Cabinets .

Financing Available for Cabinetry & Hot Tubs

Click below to apply for financing or visit HomeShowCase for assistance.

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Kitchen Cabinets from Merit-Kitchens


Merit-Kitchens manufactures custom cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom and throughout your home. Using quality materials, hand finishing processes, European details and Canadian built craftmanship. Our cabinets combine beauty with intelligent design. They also provide personalized cabinets to be put throughout the home. The commonly used elements to make a cabinet are:

Wood (Cherry, Maple, Oak and Alder)

Engineered Wood Veneers (eco-friendly metropolitan woods)

Painted Maple



Painted MDF (medium density fibreboard)



Lectus Cabinets

If you’re looking for affordable and quality cabinets, Lectus is the best possible choice for you. Lectus offers personalized design options for cabinets in wood, plywood and metal. Contact us now to get more information on Lectus products.


Tailored Solutions for Your Home

Whether you’re looking for custom cabinets, countertops, or fireplaces, we can accommodate your request.

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